When it comes to keeping your Jeep Liberty engine efficient and fully functional at all times, you need to outfit it with high quality and reliable air filter. As your car's engine gets its power from a mixture of fuel and air, the air filter prevents dirt and contaminants from coming in your engine to enhance engine performance. You would naturally not want your engine to stall or overheat in the middle of the road. So, it is very vital that you keep your Jeep Liberty air filter in top shape at all times to keep dirt from clogging your engine system.

With the key function of removing pollutants from the air as it is drawn in your engine's air intake, your Jeep Liberty air filter is one of the indispensable parts of your engine system. As the air that is used by the engine in the combustion process takes with it pollutants, these pollutants can get into the car's fuel and engine oil. This can result to decrease in engine performance, poor fuel economy and increase engine wear. As such, ensuring that the air filter is in top shape and changed regularly will keep this from happening.

Without routine replacement of your Jeep Liberty air filter, aside from getting your engine damaged, you will also contribute to air pollution. Make it a habit to check your air filter every time you change your oil. On an average, air filters last for up to 7,500 miles depending on your driving conditions. High performance filters are built to last longer even for the life of your vehicle. If you use a disposable air filter for your car, make sure that you replace it regularly as this type of filters can only be used for a certain period of time. So when the filter has reached its limit, change it at once.

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