The powerful engine that is believed to be the greatest asset of your Jeep maintains its powerful performance through the proper functioning of its engine parts. And just like human, your Jeep engine needs to breathe to sustain its life. The air that is needed by your Jeep engine must be clean so as not to bring in contaminants into the engine system. To make your Jeep engine become fully operational, it has to be supplied with a proper mixture of air and fuel. But before the air has to be mixed with the fuel it must be totally clean to avoid contaminating the fuel.

To achieve the desired clean mixture of air and fuel, the air flowing into the engine system must pass through the Jeep air filter. The Jeep air filter is probably the simplest device that is installed in your vehicle. It is used to trap the impurities from the air which could possibly get through the combustion engine. Usually, these impurities are in the form of dust, mold and pollen which could contaminate the fuel as it is being mixed with air. Also, the Jeep air filter keeps these contaminants away from the airflow sensor.

There are four main types of air filters that can be used in the vehicle's engine system. These four types are paper, foam, synthetics and cotton. Commonly used in the automobiles is the paper filter because of its lower cost while the synthetic air filters are commonly used as in-duct filters for home air heating and air conditioning. Foam filters have high dirt retention level that makes it suitable for motor sport applications. The best material so far, is the cotton. Cotton has loose holes that allows high air flow and aside from this cotton can trap particles that are much smaller that its holes. Although, cotton air filters will cost you quite higher than the other types of air filter, it guarantees longer service interval.

Your Jeep air filter is a normal replacement part that requires less effort in replacing it. Even though your Jeep air filter may not look that dirty, its long usage may have already affected its performance. So, the rule of the thumb is to replace your Jeep air filter in a regular basis. Small it maybe, the Jeep air filter can cause a total wreck into your engine if neglected. Save yourself from high cost of engine repair by maintaining your Jeep air filter clean and functional. If it is due time to replace it, simply go through Parts Train's online store where you can purchase top of the line air filters. Place your order through our hassle-free online ordering system and the next thing you'll know is that your brand new and durable Jeep air filter is right on your hand.