Dust and other elements that enter the air intake might damage the pistons, valves, and other automotive components. Fortunately, the Jaguar Super V8 air filter is there to separate contaminants from air right before it flows into the intake manifold. As the air filter collects more dirt, it will get plugged after some time and may need cleaning or replacement to prevent unfiltered air from blending with fuel.

You'll notice a big change in car performance if you put up with a faulty air filter. The plugged air filter reduces fuel efficiency, as it restricts flow of air and make it tougher for the engine to generate enough power, using more gasoline or diesel along the way. So you will never have to deal with poor vehicle performance and busted engine parts, fix the shoddy air filter if needed. Get a new filter that not only fits the performance needs of your automobile but also has a high filtration rating to keep air clean and free-flowing.

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