Dust and other harsh elements that enter the air intake will ruin the pistons, valves, and other automotive components. Thankfully, the Isuzu Ascender air filter is there to separate contaminants from air before it flows into the intake manifold. As the air filter traps more dirt, it will clog up eventually and may require maintenance or repair to stop gunk-filled air from being mixed with diesel or gasoline.

A faulty air filter might affect the performance of your automobile. The clogged air filter adversely affects fuel efficiency since it limits air flow and make it difficult for the engine to produce sufficient torque and horsepower, consuming more fuel in the process. Change the air filter when needed to enjoy effective ignition and combustion as well as keep engine parts from getting ruined. Shop for an OE replacement that not only matches the specs of your car but also features a high filtration capacity to keep air thoroughly cleansed.

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