Dirt-free air is a principal need of the Infiniti J30 powerplant, and it is the air filter that is designed to keep the inbound oxygen rid of air particulates. Built for trapping even minuscule fibers of dirt, the Infiniti J30 air filter safeguards the engine from complications which might come up because of the existence of contaminants.

The efficiency of the air filter primarily relies on the resources utilized in building the main filtering component—the best is natural cotton as the said material is capable of trapping an increased amount of dirt while not being readily blocked. A new Infiniti J30 air filter featuring a greater number of pleats is additionally suggested due to the fact that it provides a wider spot into which air particulates can stick. The filter's overall construction must additionally be taken into account—the pressure in the intake might be very great, so air filters ought to be sufficiently strong or the said components may quickly crumble.

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