As car enthusiasts, you know that a good ride and comfort are part and parcel of the total performance of your Infiniti I35. There are aficionados who invest a lot of money in assorted modifications, upgrading and customizing to get the most exhilarating drive his vehicle can give him. But, for a small amount of investment you can also increase your vehicle's power, prolong engine life and improve fuel economy. All you have to do is invest in a new Infiniti I35 Air Filter.

The Infiniti I35 Air Filter operates on the maxim that if you supply your engine with cleaner air it works more efficiently. Cleaner air allows your engine to breathe-in more power enhancing oxygen and higher volumes of air are available for burning which creates a more efficient fuel mixture. This increased airflow to your engine makes it more powerful and efficient. And the air filter is able to separate contaminants like dust, pollen and others which can be harmful to the different engine parts like walls, pistons, cylinders and piston rings and may possibly cause oil contamination and mechanical wear.

Materials most often used for air filters are porous foam, cotton-gauze, pleated paper and oil bath. Car and trucks prefer to use the oil-wetted polyurethane foam which can offer the least possible air flow restriction or a very high dirt capacity. The foam air filters are more breathable and they have more places to store dirt without restricting airflow. Cloth air filters uses multiple layers of cotton-gauze cloth which makes it less restrictive than multiple layers of paper. The highly-breathable material is contained in a specialized ridged shape by wire mesh on both sides which corrals most of the incoming dirt. With the cloth air filters and the foam, the dirt and dust reaches the advanced filtration layers without cutting off your engine's breathing. The paper on the other hand, is cheap and disposable as well as efficient. And before the paper filter was introduced the most often used material was the oil bath filters.

For optimal performance of your car, you must make certain that the air filter is kept clean. Therefore, it is important to make sure that it is regularly checked and replaced at least once a year. It would be best if you can have it replaced at every oil change regardless of how dirty or not dirty it looks. In case you need replacement, just visit Parts Train because we have quality Infiniti I35 Air Filter for you. Sourced from known auto parts manufacturers, our air filters are all high-performing ones.