Infiniti's line up of vehicles is exquisitely designed to give you extreme comfort and pleasure. It is built with luxurious interior settled in a captivating body structure that exudes style and elegance. This great looks is accompanied with a high performing engine that boosts powerful performance. Infiniti's engine system is precisely engineered to give you an extra-ordinary driving experience. And all you have to do in return is maintain this high energy of your Infiniti vehicle. True to any type of vehicle, the Infiniti engine system needs a constant supply of fuel in order to become operational. However, fuel is not the only thing that is needed by your Infiniti engine. The fuel has to be properly mixed with air which will make the engine fully functional. This air should be clean before being mixed to avoid contaminating the fuel. If there will be contaminants that may be able to go through your engine system, chances are some engine parts such as pistons, cylinders and piston rings will be damaged. To prevent this to happen, the air that will be mixed with the fuel should be clean. And the way to have this is to use air filter. The Infiniti air filter is where all the air passes through before it goes to the vehicle's intake system. Its basic function is to trap the contaminants such as dust, mold, and pollen from the air. The air filter also serves as the barrier to keep away contaminants from reaching the airflow sensor and sometimes cleans the air that will get into the crankcase. Aside from that, the Infiniti air filter may also act as the silencer of your vehicle's intake system. With all these benefits that your Infiniti air filter offers, it is really improbable to think that you will allow your vehicle to run without an air filter. The Infiniti air filter is probably the simplest part of your engine system. Air filter can be made out of paper, foam, synthetic and cotton. Paper filters are inexpensive that is why it is generally used in automobiles. The synthetic air filters because of its high temperature rating characteristic is widely used in commercial, industrial as well as residential applications. The foam air filters are commonly used in motor sport applications because of its higher dirt retention level. The cotton made air filters are considered the best material because of its superb filtration capabilities and high airflow. Whatever material your Infiniti air filter is made of, what matters most is the proper maintenance of it. The Infiniti air filter is an ordinary replacement part which is easy to install. Air filters does not cost that much as compared to other engine parts but once neglected it may cause you lots of troubles especially in engine repair. The best thing to do is to replace your Infiniti air filter in a regular basis even if it does not look that dirty. Where to get the air filter replacement? Go to Parts Train, a one-stop auto shop that carries branded and durable air filters that best suit your Infiniti vehicle.