Gunk and other unwanted particles that get into the air intake can damage the pistons, valves, and other engine components. Using your Hyundai Tiburon air filter, unwanted properties are removed to keep air that streams into the intake manifold dirt-free. Eventually, the air filter may get plugged that it may no longer remove as much grime as it should—this will cause trouble for engine operation.

A busted air filter might adversely affect the performance of your automobile. The clogged air filter adversely affects gas mileage because it limits flow of air and make it difficult for the engine to generate the required torque and horsepower, consuming more gasoline or diesel along the way. So you don't have to suffer from erratic automobile performance and damaged engine devices, repair the shoddy air filter if needed. See to it that the brand-new air filter is a perfect fit to your car for fast and easy mounting and impressive filtration rating that will spare your car from serious problems.

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