Dirt and other harsh elements that go inside the air intake can ruin the pistons, valves, and other automotive components. Lucky for you, the Honda S2000 air filter is there to remove unwanted particles from air before it goes into the intake manifold. Eventually, the air filter may clog up that it may no longer remove as much grime as it should—this will cause trouble for engine operation.

You can't help but notice a big change in vehicle performance when you drive with a busted air filter. The clogged air filter adversely affects gas mileage since it restricts flow of air and make it difficult for the engine to create the required power, consuming more fuel along the way. So you don't have to deal with erratic vehicle performance and busted engine equipment, fix the clogged air filter if necessary. Get an OE replacement that not only matches the specs of your automobile but also has a high filtration rating to keep air clean and free-flowing.

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