Honda is a well known brand of car that is fully equipped to give you high performance drive. It is an all-weather and an all-terrain car that will run beyond your expectation. What makes your Honda seems to be tireless is its efficient intake system. One of the components that make the vehicle's intake system perform at its best is the air filter.

An air filter is a very significant component in the vehicle's intake system because it is where the air passes through to make the engine "breath". The engine needs clean air to operate properly and this is where the air filter comes into action. An air filter is a device that removes contaminants such as dirt and dust from air. The basic function of an air filter is to trap air particles that may consequently damage engine parts such as pistons, cylinders and piston rings.

An air filter which often considered for disposal is generally inexpensive because of its simple construction. It is commonly made up disposable paper, foam or cotton. These heat-cured materials look like a pleated sheet where most of the dirt particles are stopped at the outside surface. The air filter has multiple layers of fibers that seem to form a maze where some of the dirt is trapped. The rush of air that goes through the intake system produces static electricity that causes smaller dirt particles to adhere to the surface of the paper fibers.

Air filters come in two types — the panel style mostly used by fuel-injected vehicles and the radical style for vehicles with carbureted engine. An air filter is considered to be a normal replacement part so it is not a stressful thing to regularly replace your air filter. However, if you frequently drive your Honda under extreme driving conditions the interval of replacing your Honda air filter will decrease.

Feed your Honda with clean air by regularly checking the condition of your Honda air filter. Do not let your Honda catch its breath by making sure that it has a clean air filter to breathe through. Maintain your car's powerful performance and efficient fuel economy. Replace your Honda air filter with a brand new one. Parts Train offers premium quality and guaranteed to be durable Honda air filters. You may order through our online services or you may call us toll-free for personal assistance. You will surely get the best deal if you order your Honda air filter from us.