The life and performance of your GMC vehicle can be greatly enhanced with your Geo contraptions. For your Geo not to suffer from early wear and tear, auto protection products are widely offered in the market. To name just a few, there are floor mats, car covers, bumper guards, taillight and headlight covers. And for your Geo to provide you the best driving experience or the superb performance, your Geo engine should have a hard-working air filter.

The air filter is a pleated paper or cloth material, arranged on metal or plastic frame and can be found at the air filter's holder. Usually, this air filter holder is plastic or metal box and it is attached to the intake manifold through a big plastic tube in which the air flows. Older vehicles have big round shape air filters while most cars today have a rectangular shape air filter.

Your Geo air filter's main purpose is to filter out strains dirt, dust and other small elements in the air before they enter your car's engine and possibly damaging it. For fuel-injected vehicles, panel style filters are used while the radial style air filter is used in carbureted automobiles. Aside from your Geo air filter's main function, it also keeps the contaminants off the air flow sensor and cleans the air entering the crankcase for better crankcase ventilation.

Because of those essential tasks your Geo air filter performs, it's just a wise idea to provide it the right maintenance it deserves. It needs to be checked by a car mechanic at every oil change, even if your car's manual suggests an inspection interval. It also needs to be replaced once a year, regardless of how dirty and dusty it looks. Over time, it plugs up, loses its effectiveness little by little, and the only solution is to have it replaced. Actually, if you live in an averagely dusty place, frequent air filter replacement is needed.

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