If minute particles just like grime, debris, and other harsh elements ever get inside the air intake, this will damage the pistons or valves. Fortunately, the Ford Truck air filter is there to remove damaging elements from air before it flows into the intake manifold. Over time, the air filter may get plugged that it can no longer screen out as much gunk as it should—this will cause trouble for combustion and ignition.

You may notice a big change in vehicle performance when you use a busted air filter. Gas mileage and engine efficiency will be adversely affected due to restricted intake of air, requiring the engine to burn more diesel or gas and to work harder. So you won't have to worry about lackluster auto performance and damaged engine components, fix the plugged air filter when necessary. Shop for a stock replacement that not only matches the specs of your car but also has a high filtration capacity to keep air free from dirt.

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