Dirt and other harsh elements that go inside the air intake will ruin the pistons, valves, and other engine components. Good thing, the Ford Ft800 air filter is there to remove damaging elements from air before it flows into the intake manifold. Over time, the air filter may get clogged that it can't screen out as much dirt as it should—this will cause trouble for ignition and combustion.

You will notice a big change in vehicle performance when you drive with a defective air filter. Gas mileage and engine operation will suffer due to reduced airflow, prompting the engine to burn more fuel and to work harder. So you won't have to deal with lackluster car performance and ruined engine parts, fix the plugged air filter if needed. Make sure that the new filter is a flush fit to your auto for hassle-free mounting and reliable filtration capacity that will save your vehicle from lots of problems.

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