If tiny particles such as dirt, gunk, and other elements ever infiltrate the air intake, this will damage the valves and pistons. Using your Ford F59 air filter, harsh elements are screened out to keep air that streams into the intake manifold free from dirt. Over time, the air filter may get clogged that it fails to remove as much grime as it should—this will cause trouble for engine operation.

You will notice a decline in car performance when you drive with a busted air filter. Fuel consumption and engine efficiency will be adversely affected as a result of restricted intake of air, requiring the engine to use more diesel or gas and to work harder. Replace the air filter when needed to ensure effective combustion and ignition and prevent engine equipment from getting contaminated. See to it that the replacement unit is compatible with your auto for fast and easy setup and excellent filtration capacity that will spare your automobile from serious trouble.

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