When you hear the name Ford, you really can't help but think of high quality cars. The Ford name is synonymous to great design and exceptional performance. Founded by Henry Ford in the early 1900's, the Ford Motor Company has its base in Dearborn, Michigan. The Ford vehicle is really a world class brand. Everywhere you go, you will surely encounter a Ford compact car, SUV, crossovers, sedans, coupes, convertibles and wagons. Together with Ford's great products are the varieties of brands like the Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin. Their ability to cater to a wide-range of customers with different tastes has made Ford one of the most trusted manufacturers all over the world.

In all the Ford vehicles, a very important element that they cannot do without is the air filter. The Ford air filter does a very important part in cleaning up the air used in the process of combustion. Clean air is an essential factor in the effective processing of fuel in the internal combustion engine, so before air could enter the combustion chamber, it must first be cleansed of various contaminants. Air is a free-flowing substance and is predisposed to contaminants like dust, pollen, mold and bacteria that is why installation of Ford air filter is vital.

There are four major types of air filters usually used in engine intakes and these are the paper, foam, synthetics and cotton. All of these types have different degrees of usability so as a car owner you really have to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks offered by each type.

The finest material for air filter is the cotton one because it really provides high level of filtration without sacrificing airflow. The foam type is also good because of its ability to screen high volume of dirt and still have excellent air flow. The synthetic type usually made of polyester can be blended with other materials in order to have a wide-range of performance abilities. The paper air filter offers a good air-flow, however it does not offer very efficient filtration ability. Another advantage offered by this is that it is usually offered at a cheap price.

After a long time of use, the air filter can lose its efficiency and will call for replacement. When this happens you should do so as soon as possible. Anyway you will not have a hard time locating one and you an always come to Parts Train for your Ford air filter requirement.