Gunk and other elements that enter the air intake will harm the valves, pistons, and other engine parts. Using your Fiat Strada air filter, harsh elements are screened out to keep air that goes into the intake manifold dirt-free. Eventually, the air filter may get plugged that it can no longer remove as much dirt as it should—this will create problems for ignition and combustion.

You can't help but notice a dip in vehicle performance if you put up with a defective air filter. The plugged air filter decreases fuel efficiency because it limits air flow and make it hard for the engine to generate the required torque and horsepower, consuming more gasoline or diesel during the process. So you do not have to suffer from lackluster vehicle performance and damaged engine parts, remove and replace the plugged air filter if necessary. Be sure that the replacement unit is a great fit to your car for hassle-free installation and reliable filtration capacity that will spare your vehicle from serious trouble.

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