All the oxygen that goes inside your Dodge W150 engine isn't free from particulates, so you need to install a high-quality air filter to trap each of the particles contained in the air. Developed to trap even minuscule fibers of airborne debris, the Dodge W150 air filter protects your vehicle powerplant from problems that could come up due to contamination.

The performance of the air filter mainly hinges on the resources employed in crafting the main filter portion—the best choice is natural cotton because the said material can capture more dirt without being easily plugged up. An additional important consideration in the Dodge W150 air filter construction is the folding; the greater the number of the folds, the greater the surface area for catching contaminants. The filter's overall construction must likewise be taken into account—the air pressure within the intake assembly may be incredibly excessive, hence air filters must be sufficiently strong or they may readily fall apart.

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