The entire amount of air that goes inside the Dodge Viper powerplant is never clear of contaminants, hence you need to get a top-of-the-line air filter to catch each of the airborne debris contained in the air. This Dodge Viper air filter is a defense-oriented unit which is created to keep incoming oxygen pure by trapping all the dirt that it contains.

Should you be looking for a top-of-the-line air filter, it's essential to choose one made up of cotton—this is preferred because of its high filtering and airflow performance. Another important aspect in the Dodge Viper air filter construction is the folding; the more the pleats, the bigger the surface for capturing dirt. The filter's overall construction should additionally be looked into—the amount of forces in the intake assembly could be very high, hence air filters must be sufficiently strong or the said components might readily fall apart.

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