Dust and other unwanted particles that go inside the air intake will harm the valves, pistons, and other parts of the engine. Through your Dodge Rd200 air filter, contaminants are screened out to keep air that flows into the intake manifold clean. Eventually, the air filter may get plugged that it may no longer clear away as much dirt as it should—this will create problems for combustion and ignition.

You may notice a big change in auto performance if you continue using a defective air filter. Fuel consumption and engine power will suffer because of restricted intake of air, prompting the engine to use more diesel or gas and to work much harder. So you do not have to deal with erratic car performance and damaged engine components, repair the shoddy air filter if necessary. Shop for a new filter that not only fits the performance needs of your car but also features excellent filtration to keep air free from dirt.

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