In case minute particles like dirt, debris, and other unwanted properties ever infiltrate the air intake, this will damage the pistons or valves. Through your Dodge D100 air filter, harsh elements are screened out to keep air that flows into the intake manifold clean. As the air filter collects more unwanted particles, it will get plugged eventually and may demand cleaning or repair to prevent gunk-filled air from blending with fuel.

A broken air filter will adversely affect the performance of your vehicle. The plugged air filter adversely affects fuel efficiency, as it curbs air flow and make it difficult for the engine to create sufficient power, burning more gasoline or diesel in the process. Change the air filter if necessary to have effective ignition and combustion as well as keep engine parts from getting contaminated. Be sure that the brand-new air filter is compatible with your car for fast and easy setup and reliable filtration that will save your car from tons of problems.

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