Compact vehicles are what Daihatsu specializes in. Daihatsu has incorporated the safety and performance of large vehicles in their compact cars. This has made them a favorite among car aficionados who love compact vehicles. Its commitment to providing impressive, safe and competent vehicles has earned them the reputation as one of the most reliable means of transportation in our streets today.

But getting the utmost performance of your Daihatsu necessitates you to keep all its components in excellent condition. Among this important yet often neglected part is the air filter. Air filters are basically the first in line in protecting your engine. It keeps dirt, dust and other contaminants from damaging the engine. You can make sure of an enjoyable and exhilarating ride if you protect your Daihatsu engine with a fully functional air filter. A clogged, damaged or dirty air filter will significantly affect the gas mileage and performance of your Daihatsu.

Dirt and moisture are the two most damaging element for your Daihatsu air filter. Dirt will block the air filter and moisture will cause the filter to warp and lose its ability to trap harmful elements. It is best to replace your Daihatsu air filter once a year or every time you have reached 10,000 miles. This way you are sure that your engine will get the clean air that it needs in order to run efficiently.

If you will be replacing the air filter yourself, the air filter is located at the top of the engine. Look for the plastic tube that is attached to a square or round, plastic or metal box. If you do not want to do the replacement job yourself, you can always have your competent mechanic do it for you. They have the necessary skill and knowledge in effectively replacing your clogged air filter. If you do the replacement on a regular basis, your priced Daihatsu vehicle will thank you by giving you superb performance and long service life.

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