Each time you drive your dear automobile, you are actually exposing it to different kinds of harmful elements such harsh weather conditions, rain or snow, mud, road debris, small rocks, sand particles, dust, dirt and many more. The longer you drive or use your vehicle, the more vulnerable it gets. Although you can actually have the car's exterior washed and waxed or its interior vacuumed, there are still some components like the air filter that can never be cleaned or properly maintained until you pop up the hood, take it off and start cleaning it, or even have it replaced if it is a disposable one. Air filters are often exposed to all kinds of air particles that is why regular and periodic cleaning or replacement of which must be done, otherwise, expect to experience some engine problems resulting to car's poor performance.

Air particles such as dust or dirt are not the only factors that can affect the sifting ability of the air filter. Winter season may also bring some negative effects to the shape and straining capacity of the air filter because of the high cold temperature, strong winds, snow or even rain that allows the condensation process to make the moisture find its way to the engine's inlet system. Air filters like the Chrysler air filter is a very important component of an automobile's intake system, through which the engine breathes. This is the reason why air filters should be well taken cared of by cleaning or replacing it from time to time.

The air filter's basic function is to strain various air particles that is contained in the air before it enters the vehicle's engine to be used in the combustion process. Unfiltered air can probably cause some damage to various engine parts particularly the walls, pistons, cylinders and piston rings. Moreover, air filters help in preventing the different contaminants from passing through the airflow sensor. And at times, air filters cleans the air that goes into the crankcase for proper ventilation. And finally, air filters can serve as a silencer for the vehicle's intake system. Just imagine how the air filter works hard just to filter out 10, 000 gallons of air for every gallon of fuel that is being burned.

Air filters may come in different kinds. You can find some that is good only for a single utilization and needs to disposed already, while others only needs to be cleaned and is good for a number of utilization. Air filters can also be made from different materials but the most common are those typically made up of disposable, pleated-paper or fibrous material and has a sealing gasket composed of synthetic material, or one that is made up of fabric or cotton-like material and requires to be lubricated in order to increase the airflow.

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