If tiny particles such as grime, gunk, and other elements ever get inside the air intake, this will mess up the valves and pistons. Thankfully, the Chevrolet Tracker air filter is there to get rid of damaging elements from air before it goes into the intake manifold. After some time, the air filter may clog up that it can no longer clear away as much gunk as it should—this spells trouble for engine operation.

A broken air filter might drag the performance of your car. Fuel consumption and power generation will be compromised because of reduced flow of air, which prompts the engine to burn more gasoline or diesel and to work double-time. So you do not have to deal with erratic car performance and damaged engine devices, repair the shoddy air filter if needed. Shop for an OE replacement that not only matches the performance needs of your ride but also has a high filtration capacity to keep air dirt-free.

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