When small particles such as dust, debris, and other elements ever infiltrate the air intake, this will damage some engine parts. Thankfully, the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 air filter is there to separate damaging elements from air just before it flows into the intake manifold. As the air filter traps more unwanted particles, it will clog up after some time and may need cleanup or replacement to stop unfiltered air from mixing with fuel.

You'll notice a dip in vehicle performance when you drive with a busted air filter. Gas mileage and engine operation will be compromised all because of restrained intake of air, which prompts the engine to consume more diesel or gas and to work much harder. Change the air filter if needed to enjoy effective ignition and combustion and even keep engine parts from getting damaged. Make sure that the replacement unit is compatible with your auto for easy installation and reliable filtration that will save your automobile from lots of problems.

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