Dirt-free air is a major requirement in your Chevrolet Astro engine, and it is the air filter that is designed to keep the intake oxygen free from dust and dirt. The Chevrolet Astro air filter is a defense-oriented unit that keeps inbound air clean by trapping all the debris that are found in it.

The performance of an air filter mainly relies on the supplies employed in building the part's trapping element—the most effective is natural cotton as the said material can capture more dirt without becoming readily clogged. One more important aspect in the Chevrolet Astro air filter design is the pleating; the more the pleats, the bigger the surface for catching contaminants. Additionally, you also need to think about the structural integrity of the device—make it a point that you select air filters that are durable and are not going to easily succumb to the excessive pressure of the intake air.

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