Chevy Air Filter

In order for your vehicles to perform efficiently, it should have top notched auto parts and systems in its engine compartment. Among such systems are the fuel system, cooling system, intake system, fuel delivery system, gearing system, transmission, etc. But, the main principle of a high-end and efficient performance of a vehicle is having enough supply of clean fuel and air mixture in its internal combustion engine. This is the reason why your Chevrolet vehicles include different parts and gears such as fuel injection system and filter as well as Chevy air filter.

For the unobstructed and enough supply of fuel in the engine, your Chevy vehicle should have high-performance and reliable fuel injection system and fuel filter. On the other hand, your Chevy air filter is responsible for supplying free-flowing and clean air to your vehicle's engine for efficient combustion process. Basically, air filter is designed to trap air impurities like bacteria, dust, pollen and mold. These particles should not be allowed inside the vehicle's engine because they could clog fuel and other passages.

Mostly, air filters are installed above the carburetor or the throttle body and have a metal lid for security. Also, depending on the type of fuel injection system that your vehicles have, you can either use cylindrical air filters or flat panel type filters. Different kinds of air filters are also available; cloth, paper and foam air filters. Among these three, paper is cheaper and is disposable because of its materials while cloth and foam filters are considered to have high-performance and can last longer.

But, no matter how durable your Chevy air filters are, it's still best to give them proper care and maintenance to make them last longer; sometimes, even longer than manufacturer's specifications. And to always have efficient performance, you should always keep your Chevy air filters free from any clogging elements. This is so they can allow more free-flowing and clean air into the combustion chambers. However, time will still come that your Chevy air filters will get worn and aged. In this case, you should immediately replace it before it allows dirt and particles to enter the engine.

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