Fresh air is a primary need in the Cadillac Dts motor, and it is the air filter that is designed to keep the inbound air free from contaminants. The Cadillac Dts air filter is a defense-oriented unit which is designed to keep incoming oxygen clean by trapping all the dirt that are found in it.

It's noteworthy to realize that the efficiency of every air filter largely depends on the materials utilized to construct the main filter component—the best is foam or cotton as the said material can capture more dirt while not becoming readily blocked. An additional essential aspect in the Cadillac Dts air filter structure is the pleating; the more the pleats, the bigger the area for trapping contaminants. Filter toughness must additionally be taken into account—the air pressure in the intake assembly may be extremely excessive, hence air filters should be sufficiently strong or these parts might quickly topple.

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