Dirt-free air is a primary demand of the Buick Skylark motor, and it is the air filter which keeps the incoming oxygen free from contaminants. Built in order to capture even minuscule fibers of dirt, the Buick Skylark air filter safeguards your engine from issues which may occur because of the presence of contaminants.

It's noteworthy to realize that the functionality of an air filter largely hinges on the supplies employed to construct the main filter element—the best choice is natural cotton as it can trap more dirt without getting readily clogged. A new Buick Skylark air filter that boasts of a greater number of pleats is additionally preferred since it provides a wider surface to which airborne debris may stick. Of course, you further need to think about the toughness of the part—make it a point that you pick air filters that are robust and are not going to quickly give in to the extreme push of the intake air.

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