You must be really proud owning and driving a BMW. With all the exciting features, elegant appeals and optimum performance that every BMW model is offering; surely, you'll be delighted to include them in your prized possessions. For several decades now, BMW had stayed among the top-notched automakers of the automotive industry. And that's because of their dedication in providing great automotive solutions to the buying public.

Aside from the great elegance and performance power that you'd get from a BMW, you're also sure to have a vehicle with tough and durable parts and equipment like air filters. Since BMW is among the longest-living automakers in the industry, they know and understand better that a vehicle should have enough supply of clean and free-flowing air and fuel in its engine. These two are important for proper and optimum functions. Now, your BMW fuel tanks and fuel system are responsible for the fuel while BMW air filters are meant for providing clean air to the engine.

Basically, air filters in your BMW vehicles are designed to stop the contaminants in the air from being sucked into the vehicle's engine. They are typically located above the engine's carburetor or the throttle body and these are secured by metal lids.

Depending on the type of your vehicle's engine system, you may have either a cylindrical or flat panel air filter. Usually, the latter is used by modern cars that have fuel injection while cylindrical type filter are common among vehicles with carburetor or throttle body. Air filters are encased in plastic body and connected to the throttle body using a large hose. You may also have a conical air filter installed with cold air intake and heat shield for improved airflow.

For your BMW, in case you want to have your stock filters upgraded, you may choose from any of these air filters as long as they match your vehicle's specifications. You may as well choose from the basic types of air filters available; paper air filters, foam or cloth air filters. Paper air filters are basically pleated papers that have synthetic gasket sealing; they are disposable and must be replaced periodically. On the other hand, foam air filters are made from "breathe-able" foam materials and have natural pockets for great trapping ability. The last are cloth air filters; they are multi-layers of cotton-gauze cloth ridged between two wire meshes.

In case, on the other hand, it's BMW air filter replacements that you need; you can always get BMW air filter products available in the market. Parts Train is among the most trusted online shops where you can get high-quality BMW air filter and other BMW auto parts. There are lots of OEM and aftermarket BMW air filter products that you can choose from. You may opt for any materials, designs or styles depending on what you need and prefer.

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