Dust and other unwanted particles that go inside the air intake can damage the valves, pistons, and other engine parts. Through your Audi Rs6 air filter, unwanted properties are removed to keep air that goes into the intake manifold free from dirt. As the air filter collects more unwanted particles, it will be filled with gunk over time and may demand cleaning or replacement to keep gunk-filled air from blending with fuel.

You will notice a big change in auto performance when you drive with a faulty air filter. Gas mileage and power generation will be compromised all because of reduced flow of air, requiring the engine to burn more fuel and to work double-time. Fix the air filter if needed to enjoy efficient ignition and combustion and prevent engine parts from getting damaged. Shop for a stock replacement that not only suits the specs of your vehicle but also boasts of a high filtration rating to keep air free from dirt.

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