There are so many components that comprise your Audi's intake system. Each of these has an important function to perform so that your vehicle will have smooth operation. Because of this, it is just necessary that you take utmost care of your vehicle's system and all the components it is made up of. Regular check and maintenance should be done to ensure that each part is in good condition and is free from any signs of damage. But when you do this, you should never neglect to check even the easy-to-forget parts like the Audi air filter.

The Audi air filter is an essential component of your intake system because it is where the engine "breathes". The engine requires a perfect mixture of air and fuel in order to operate. And before air gets to the engine, this has to pass through the air filter so that air particles will be filtered out or trapped. When these particles are not filtered, they can seriously cause damage to some of your engine parts like the pistons, cylinders, and piston rings.

Because of the said function of the air filter, it is therefore necessary to replace it every year, regardless of how dirty it is. In some vehicles, replacement should be done even more than once a year especially if it is often used in dusty areas or extreme-use conditions. When the air filter plugs up, it gradually loses its efficiency, therefore less air flows into the engine until your Audi is literally choked. This will then result to poor engine performance and of course, poor fuel economy. So, before your air filter gets too dirty, you might as well have it replaced to restore your engine's smooth operation.

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