The air that enters the Acura Legend engine is never devoid of contaminants, so you must install a top-of-the-line air filter to trap all the particles found in the air. Designed for trapping even tiny particles of dirt, the Acura Legend air filter guards your vehicle powerplant against problems which may occur due to contamination.

It's noteworthy to know that the functionality of every air filter primarily relies on the resources used to construct the actual filtering portion—the most effective is foam or cotton because it is capable of filtering an increased amount of particulates without becoming quickly blocked. One more important aspect in the Acura Legend air filter structure is the pleating; the higher the number of the folds, the larger the area for catching particulates. Filter toughness should likewise be taken into account—the amount of forces in the air intake system could be extremely excessive, so air filters must be strong enough or the said components could easily fall apart.

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