Like your body that breathes air in through the lungs, a vehicle breathes through the engine's air intake. Respiration in your body always requires clean air to sustain good health. This fact also applies to the engine in your Acura Integra vehicle in a different way. So how does the engine get clean air then? The outside air will enter the vehicle through the grille. Automotive experts have designed the air filter to obstruct the contaminants from entering your engine. Such contaminants are capable of affecting other engine components from causing problems in the engine system.

The condition of the Acura Integra air filter in your vehicle affects the overall performance of the engine. Thus, it is just right to provide it with necessary maintenance or high quality replacement whenever necessary. Most experts and enthusiasts can testify that regular replacement of air filter will bring significant effect to your engine's life and efficiency. The air filter of your Acura Integra should be maintained and replaced at a regular interval. You should consult the owner's manual to find out how often you need to maintain or replace your Acura Integra air filter.

Air filters are basically enclosed in black plastic casing near the central part of the engine. You can locate it easily as it appears to be the largest non- metal part that is about the volume of a breadbox. One of the commonly used air filter is of pleated-paper material with a sealing gasket that is crafted from synthetic materials. This assembly is capable of trapping dirt particles that can damage the engine walls, cylinders, and pistons. It can also act as the silencer of the intake system.

You can find two particular air filter types in the market today: the panel style and the radial style. The former is for vehicles having the fuel-injection system while the latter is for those using carburetors. Check out the manual of your Acura Integra to determine the specifications of the replacement air filter that you will purchase for your ride. Wrong choice of air filter and incorrect installation will surely affect the combustion process negatively.

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