Car Air Filters

Do you know that throughout the life of your vehicle, you can end up using up to ten air filters? The moment you have your existing filter replaced, it is usually disposed somewhere and such act isn't friendly to the environment. While the paper portion of the air filter breaks up and decomposes easily, the plastic materials used in it will sure take decades before they disintegrate. This is the reason why most manufacturers develop reusable and environmentally friendly automotive air filters.

Modern vehicles are now equipped with such filters so drivers no longer need to replace them every now and then. You're lucky if your ride is already outfitted with this type of car air filter because it sure will serve you for a long period of time. Once it gets dirty or clogged, all you need is to take it off from your ride and wash the dirt off. If you're still using the traditional paper filter, then it's time to upgrade to washable type. While it can be costlier than throwaway filters, it can last for the life of your car especially if you keep it clean and maintain it properly.

Just how important it is to maintain a clean filter? It's simple. A clean automotive filter helps increase your ride's gas mileage and engine horsepower. You see, the engine needs ample supply of clean air for a more efficient combustion. If your car air filter is clogged, air flow will sure be restricted and your engine won't get as much clean air to carry out the combustion process efficiently. Even if your ride isn't equipped with a washable filter, there's still a way to clean an ordinary paper filter. You just need a vacuum cleaner with hose attachment to get rid of the dirt on both sides of the filter.

When it comes to replacement air filters, there's nothing to worry about. The industry is flooded with lots of automotive filter choices so you need to be careful in choosing one. A K&N air filter, for example, is a good choice because it comes with a manufacturer warranty. This is a guarantee that what you'll get is an authentic, high-quality unit. Whether you need brand-name OE replacement air filters, high-performance aftermarket units, universal fit, or custom air filters, there sure is one that will fit your needs and your vehicle's requirements.

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