Why would anyone need to deflect air off his vehicle? Or to put it in a more subjective approach, why would any Dodge owner install a Dodge air deflector on his vehicle? Well, if you are wondering why we are presenting these two questions to you, our reason is that the questions really make sense. Another reason is that we believe that the inventor(s) of the air deflector and the manufacturers of Dodge air deflectors definitely have a good reason for doing so.

Basically, the two questions at the beginning of this article really make sense. For why would anyone think of deflecting an element that a vehicle badly needs for the proper operation of its parts? The Dodge radiator, for example, constantly needs flowing air for it to efficiently cool the vehicle's engine. In the same manner, the Dodge A/C condenser requires the same flow of air for it to perform its function in the auto AC system properly. Based on these facts, does it not make you wonder why there is a need to deflect air off the vehicle?

The term "air deflector" is actually a generic term referring to an assortment of auto products whose primary function is to deflect or redirect the flow of the air or wind that rushes into your vehicle as you drive it. There are many different kinds of air deflectors. Among them are the hood air deflector (also called bug shield or bug deflector), side window air deflector, sunroof air deflector, and rear window air deflector (also called spoiler). All of these components redirect the flow of air in the vehicle, although for quite different reasons.

The first reason why your Dodge would need a Dodge air deflector is protection. The wind that rushes into your vehicle as you drive it would usually carry bugs, insects and other air-borne hazards that may cause scratches and other minor damages to the paint and body of your Dodge. To prevent these elements from damaging the surface of the vehicle, there is a need to deflect the wind away from the vehicle's body. For this purpose, the Dodge hood deflector and rear window air deflector would be of great help.

Another reason for installing a Dodge air deflector is comfort. Just think of opening the sunroof and lowering the windows of your vehicle to feel the fresh air of the countryside. You'll surely enjoy it, but not if wind rushes forcefully inside the vehicle every time you do so. To prevent this wind rush, a Dodge side window air deflector and sunroof air deflector would generally be of great use.