Car Accumulators

There is no doubt that the air conditioner is one of the most crucial features of your car. When the weather outside becomes too humid or hot to endure, staying inside your car is a better option instead of going out. The air conditioner keeps you and your passengers cool and comfortable all the time. Because this vehicle feature is so important, it's crucial that its components are always in excellent shape. There are many parts that comprise the vehicle's air conditioner and one of them is called the A/C Accumulator. Needless to say, the components of your air conditioning system should be in excellent shape so you can enjoy the full potential of your car's air conditioner all the time.

The A/C Accumulator can be found at the evaporator outlet and its main job is to separate liquid refrigerant and vaporized refrigerant. It's important that the refrigerant doesn't contain any moisture because it will certainly affect its ability to absorb heat. In fact, another function of the accumulator is to convert liquid refrigerant to vaporized refrigerant after leaving the evaporator. Basically, A/C accumulators are tough and dependable components. However, you need to eventually replace them especially when it has become corroded because of the moisture that it absorbs. When you notice that the air from your car's air conditioner has become weak or the cabin doesn't cool down anymore, then it's time that you look for a replacement A/C Accumulator.

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