Probably the most crucial parts of your vehicle's engine is the Mini Accessory Belt Tensioner. Big things come in modest packages indeed, because this small system is actually tasked with the huge role of providing the appropriate tension on the pulleys that drive different parts of your motor like the power steering, alternator, ac and water pump. A problem may also trigger your belt to glaze and break earlier than it should.

Belts have a crucial role in the performance of an engine, but they can only perform their work successfully if they are getting the correct amount of tension. Apart from a decrease in engine productivity, a loose belt could also lead to more problems for other areas of the serp. The accessory belt tensioner on your Mini motor vehicle's engine, literally, keeps things tight. A few of the symptoms to look out for whenever looking for problems on this component are: too much vibrations, noisy rattling sound and visible grease leaks from the bearings.

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