One of the most critical areas of your automobile's motor is the Mercury Accessory Belt Tensioner. The Accessory Belt Tensioner of your Mercury has the major function of keeping the belt tight on the pulleys that drive your motor vehicle's power steering and alternator. It is better to maintain it in its best shape in order to avoid the belt from glazing and cracking prematurily.

An engine's efficiency greatly depends on the condition of the belts which drive it, Yet the best possible performance could only be reached if the belts sustain the proper amount of tension. Apart from a decrease in engine efficiency, a loose belt could also cause more harm to other regions of the engine. The accessory belt tensioner in your Mercury motor vehicle's engine, literally, keeps things tight. You'll be able to tell if the accessory belt tensioner of your Mercury is not functional if you experience excessive vibrations whilst idling, hear rattling sounds, and see grease leaks from bearings.

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