The Kia Accessory Belt Tensioner is a very critical part of your automobile. Big things come in modest packages indeed, since this small device is actually tasked with the huge role of supplying the proper tension to the pulleys that drive various parts of your motor like the power steering, alternator, air-con and water pump. A defect could also cause your belt to glaze and break earlier than it should.

The engine's overall performance greatly is dependent upon the condition of the belts that drive it, but perfect efficiency could only be reached when the belts maintain the proper amount of tension. Aside from a fall in engine performance, a loose belt could also result in additional harm to other regions of the engine. The accessory belt tensioner in your Kia vehicle's engine, basically, keeps things tight. A few of the symptoms to watch out for when checking for flaws on this component are: abnormal vibrations, noisy rattling sound and obvious grease leaks coming from the bearings.

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