The Dodge Accessory Belt Tensioner is a very essential auto part of your automobile. The Accessory Belt Tensioner of your Dodge has the big task of keeping the actual belt tight on the pulleys that drive your automobile's power steering and alternator. A problem may also trigger your belt to glaze and break earlier than it must.

The engine's overall performance greatly depends on the condition of the belts that drive it, Yet the best possible performance can only be reached when the belts keep the suitable amount of tension. A slacked Dodge accessory tensioner belt doesn't just cause inefficient engine performance but also affect other engine components. These ought to be the very least of your problems so long as the Dodge Accessory Belt Tensioner in your Dodge motor vehicle's engine is in working order. You'll be able to tell if the accessory belt tensioner of your Dodge is not functional when you experience extreme vibrations while idling, hear rattling noises, and see grease leaks from bearings.

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