Many car enthusiasts have loved the Kia Rio for long now. Its engineers have outfitted the Rio with impressive performance, style, comfort and design to effectively blend with any driver's desire for excellent and stylish ride. With excellent engine, power transmission and luxurious interiors, one can truly say that the Rio is well beyond any common vehicle. Every component of it is well manufactured to make sure that its function and performance is maximized. Among the well crafted components of the Rio is the air conditioning system. It is the part that makes traveling a comfort. It is a luxury that has been integrated in most cars these days that effectively provides warm or cool air whenever needed. Among the components that make up the AC system are the condenser, expansion valve, receiver-drier, evaporator, refrigerant and of course, the compressor.

The Kia Rio AC compressor is the core of the air conditioning system. Its function is to pump the refrigerant over the different parts of the AC system in a closed loop. What drives the compressor is a belt that is connected to the engine. This belt is engaged and disengaged by the electromagnetic clutch to the compressor. The low pressure gas pumped by the compressor in the inlet side of the AC system is compressed and converted into a high pressure gas. The gas will then be discharged into the condenser. The refrigerant will then be cooled and delivered back to the evaporator to start the cycle again.

Kia Rio AC compressor is built from top quality materials to guarantee of their reliable service life for miles and miles of driving. Cutting edge technology and engineering has been incorporated in the compressor construction. Proper maintenance and check though is vital to keep the part functioning properly for a long time. In case your Kia AC compressor is damaged and is beyond repair; the most practical thing to do is to get a replacement. There are many types of AC compressor offered in the market today. You have to be careful when shopping for the one that fits best with your car. Make sure that you are getting the right compressor to guarantee precise fitment.

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