Being the second to another vehicle brand in terms of luxuriousness may not be good enough, but not if the first brand is Cadillac. That is exactly how the Buick brand of vehicles is positioned in General Motors brand ladder. Although only a close second to Cadillacs, Buick vehicles are also luxurious and elegant in their own right. And they, too, offer a lot of features that makes every Buick ride as comfortable as a Cadillac ride.

Among the many excellent comfort and convenience features you will find in every Buick vehicle is the Buick auto air conditioning system. Responsible for keeping the temperature inside a Buick's passenger cabin at comfortable levels, the Buick AC system is composed only of high quality parts that can perform their functions well. These parts include the AC condenser, evaporator, accumulator and the orifice tube, among others. Last but not the least, there is the Buick AC compressor which is considered as the most important component of the Buick auto AC system.

The Buick AC compressor is often referred to as the heart of the Buick air conditioning system. Like the heart, its primary function is to pump refrigerant so that it would flow throughout the various parts of the AC system in a closed loop. In particular, the AC compressor does this by taking in the low-pressure refrigerant from the evaporator or the accumulator, both of which are major components of the AC system's low-pressure side. Once taken by the compressor, the refrigerant would be compressed and transformed into a high pressure and high temperature gas. This gas would then be discharged to the condenser—a major part of the AC system's high-pressure side—for cooling. Once cooled, the refrigerant would again be forced back to the evaporator, thus completing a closed loop.

Now, what happens if the Buick AC compressor does not perform its function well? The refrigerant won't be able to circulate properly, preventing it to efficiently dissipate to the outside air all the heat it absorbed inside your vehicle. Now, such a thing should not happen to your Buick if it is still new. As your vehicle grows old, however, nothing would be able to stop the AC compressor from deteriorating. And aside from eventual deterioration, the AC compressor can also be damaged by other factors like the use of incorrect lubricant oil, low refrigerant levels, and low lubricant levels.

A Buick with a malfunctioning air conditioning system is not worthy to be called a high quality vehicle—not even a second runner-up to the very luxurious Cadillac. So if the AC compressor of your Buick is already damaged, better replace it immediately with one of the high quality and high performance Buick AC compressors available at Parts Train.