Car AC Compressors

It only takes a simple AC compressor problem to bring your car's AC system to its demise. The compressor being the part that pumps the refrigerant throughout the system, it is the reason the refrigerant can circulate and perform its heat collecting and heat dissipating functions. That said, the compressor is actually the most critical component of the AC assembly. When the said part fails, the entire assembly will also fail. So, what are the common problems that you should watch out for?

Well, many of the problems that can occur in your auto AC compressor can be connected with the loss of refrigerant in the assembly, which can result in compressor seizure. How does the system lose refrigerant? The first is due to leaks. You know that refrigerant cycles from liquid form to gas form, and back, so any hole in the system can cause the said substance to leak out. The refrigerant can leak through o-rings, seals, and other connections in the system. The compressor is actually equipped with a protective part against damage that may result from low refrigerant charge-the low pressure safety switch. However, when the switch fails and the compressor operates on low refrigerant, it could fail.

Another problem with AC compressors is the failure of the compressor clutch to engage. Although in certain instances, this could be caused by the low pressure safety switch failing to engage the clutch because of low refrigerant level, there are instances when this is caused by clutch damage. Or, you may have a blown fuse or a damaged relay in your car-check the said parts to know the cause of the problem.

There are also cases when a problem with the air compressor part is caused by human mistakes. If you accidentally use the wrong lubricant for the compressor, for instance, the compressor may fail. If debris gets into the system, then problems will also result. This is the same with moisture, which is a big no-no in the system. The presence of moisture can cause serious damage among A/C components.

There are certain indications that will tell you of a problem in the A/C assembly. Of course, the first is little cooling inside your vehicle cabin. Sometimes, you'll also hear weird noises coming from somewhere in the area. If you notice something like these, pay attention and investigate to find whether any A/C part is already failing. In case that part is the AC compressor, be sure to get a new one. We at Parts Train have a complete selection of high-quality A/C parts, and we have your needed component in our catalog. You'll also be happy to know that we offer our parts at affordable prices, so you can shop without dealing with budget dilemmas.