A typical cabin air filter lasts more or less one year. But if you own high-performing automobiles like that of Porsche, the life of cabin air filter is normally shortened. One factor to the longevity of the cabin air filter's life is the place where the vehicle usually travels. With Porsche sports cars and mid-size luxury SUV which can travel fast past many dusty and polluted places, the cabin air filter gathers more dirt at a faster rate as well. The collected dirt in the cabin air filter will clog the part, and the only answer to that matter is Porsche cabin air filter replacement. Porsche cabin air filter is like the usual air filter of the engine. They both trap off dirt coming along with the air. The difference between the usual air filter and cabin air filter is the area they protect. The engine air filter protects the powerhouse from any contaminations or defects caused by small unwanted particles, while the cabin air filter protects the Porsche interior from hazards brought by some dust and dirt. If this part sounds new, that is because cabin air filter was just introduced recently. Old cars do not have this part. Good thing modern cars like the contemporary Porsche have it. The main task of this is to clean the air before it enters the passengers' compartment in order to make sure that stale odor won't develop in the vehicle's interior. The only downside of a cabin air filter is its need to be replaced after every few months, depending where the vehicle usually travels and how often it is used. Finding a replacement Porsche cabin air filter will no longer be hard since our store is already offering it to you. We only sell superior grade products for Porsche and all other vehicle makes and models, so you are assured to give your vehicle what it deserves.