Car ACC Cabin Filters

Studies show that the air inside your home could even be more toxic than the air outside. Do you know that the air inside your car cabin can also be as harmful? In fact, without a highly functioning ACC cabin filter, you'll suffer from probable respiratory diseases because of the dust, dirt, pollen, and other particulates that might get inside your car compartment. With the pollution-ridden environment nowadays, you'll encounter a wide range of damaging elements when you go for a drive. And, only a reliable filter can protect you.

ACC cabin filters are simple filters that you mount in your car, usually under the dash. They are designed to filter the air that gets inside your cabin, trapping all the particles that may come with the air. If you get a good filter, you can expect it to trap particles of up to smaller than three microns. Some filters are even used to prevent bigger debris from getting into your vehicle's ventilation system. When debris are not kept off, they can cause damage to certain parts in your car. Aside from this air-trapping and debris-preventing ability, the filter can also absorb bad odors in your vehicle cabin. This is achieved with the help of carbon that is incorporated into the filter to neutralize any odor.

Like all other filters in your car, ACC cabin filters also wear out over time. Their air-trapping ability is reduced, and they also lose their capacity to absorb and neutralize bad odors. When this time comes, it's important that you observe the needed maintenance. Otherwise, you may experience problems in your ventilation system (i.e. little amount of airflow). Sometimes, you'll smell a foul odor in your cabin due to the filter accumulating molds and mildew.

There is actually a recommended replacement interval for ACC cabin filters, which is once every year (approximately about every 12,000 miles). Depending on your vehicle, you can access the filter either under your dash or under the hood. Check whether it's already gone moist because of moisture, at which case it needs a replacement. One other simple way to check it is to tap the filter to check whether there are already dirt and dust falling off, another indication of a need for replacement.

Replacing the ACC cabin filter in your vehicle is not a problem. The process is easy and it requires only a few minutes of your time. When it comes to a replacement filter, that's not a problem as well. Parts Train is here to help you with all your needed replacement auto parts, whatever the make and model of your ride. We have complete OEM parts for restoring your driving quality or upgrade parts for improving your vehicle's performance.