There's a good probability the vehicle Abs Speed Sensor is failing when you've been using it for approximately 30,000 miles. For your protection,the Lincoln Mark Viii ABS speed sensor needs to be renewed each time you replace your pads to ensure you're always braking safely and securely no matter the road conditions. The unit tracks wheel rotation and transmits the data to the computer that prevents the wheels dangerously locking up. With the correct instruments, a Do-It-Yourselfer like you won't have any difficulty replacing the Lincoln Mark Viii unit.

Another symptom of Lincoln Mark Viii Abs Speed Sensor malfunction is poor friction during heavy braking while driving. Examine the stock part for any signs of deteriorationfor example an accumulation of brake debris. The amazing news is that there are various high-quality aftermarket sensors nowadays that you may install to change your defective one. It's better not to drive your automobile until your defective Lincoln Mark Viii part is swapped for your own safety.

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