Move quickly the moment you find that the ABS signal is switched on because that might indicate a broken Abs Speed Sensor. The Isuzu Oasis ABS speed sensor is a vital part of the anti-lock braking system that actually keeps you braking precisely while traveling even in awful driving conditions. The unit keeps track of wheel rotation rate and transmits the info to the ABS computer, which then stops the wheels dangerously locking up. With the right tools, a Do-It-Yourselfer such as yourself wouldn't have any problem substituting the Isuzu Oasis unit.

Another symptom of Isuzu Oasis Abs Speed Sensor failure is inadequate traction during heavy brakes. The anti-lock functionality typically turns off in case the speed sensor unit doesn't respond since the computer finds no info to work on. The great news is that there are various top-quality replacement sensors on the market which you can install to change your defective one. It's best not to use the automotive until your defective Isuzu Oasis ABS sensor is replaced for your own safety.

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