There's a good likelihood the existing Abs Speed Sensor is malfunctioning when you have driven with it for around 30,000 miles. If possible,the Acura Integra ABS speed sensor needs to be changed anytime you modify your pads to ensure you're sufficiently braking safely and securely irrespective of highway conditions. It keeps track of wheel rotation rate and feeds the info to the ABS computer, which then stops your wheels treacherously locking up. With the correct instruments, a Do-It-Yourselfer like you won't have any problem substituting the Acura Integra bad unit.

Another sign of Acura Integra Abs Speed Sensor malfunction is too little traction during heavy braking. Automotive ABS typically automatically shuts down when the speed sensor malfunctions since the computer finds no info to decode. For the best end results, consult your car guidebook to find out the specifications of the aftermarket sensor that is suggested for your specific Acura Integra and model. It's better not to drive the vehicle until your defective Acura Integra ABS sensor is changed for your safety.

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