Your Volvo C70's air-conditioning system is very complicated and may include a number of parts that you need to look after and even upgrade. One thing that people should look at once they continue to experience issues with their air conditioning would be the Receiver-Dryer. The Volvo C70 A/C Receiver Drier is similar to a small can and functions as a form of filtration, moisture absorber, and holds the liquid refrigerant briefly prior to being used.

These devices can also be called as Volvo C70 filters-driers as well as as receivers and dehydrators. The receiver function of this product is primarily for storing refrigerant while in lower cooling operations. The part that dries the internal parts of this component requires a material called the desiccant which basically soaks in all stray moisture inside the air conditioner. To always keep your Volvo C70 A/C system dirt-free, your receiver drier is protected by a filter that stops all the debris that's moving within. Please note that whenever you ask your auto technician to work with your Volvo C70's air conditioning system that it is advisable that you should change out the A/C receiver drier in the process.

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