A lot of people won't be prepared to undertake DIY projects on vehicle parts just like the air-conditioning in your Volvo 244 even so, they can easily get the right parts for a car repair shop to install. An important component of this system would be the A/C Receiver Drier which takes care of various necessary tasks. An Volvo 244 A/C Receiver Drier looks like a small can and acts as a form of filtration, absorbs moisture, and holds the refrigerant momentarily before it is used.

These components are sometimes known as Volvo 244 filters-driers or even as receivers-dehydrators. When there is minimal a / c demand, the receiver part holds the refrigerant liquid momentarily. The item that dries this device requires a substance called the desiccant that basically soaks up all stray humidity within the system. To always keep your Volvo 244 air conditioning mechanism dust free, the receiver-drier has a filter that stops all the dirt that is moving within. Keep in mind that whenever you go to your mechanic to work with your Volvo 244's A/C system that it's a good idea that you change out your A/C receiver drier in the process.

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